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1. Do something creative for just 45 minutes to reduce stress in your body.

2. Take a long soak in the bath - being horizontal in the water mimics the conditions in the womb to soothe and calm.

3. Read a book - reading for just 5 minutes can decrease stress by up to 68%.

4. Just a few minutes of moderate exercise a day can lift your mood and create positivity.

5. Laugh - laughter releases hormones which are known to boost our immune system and reduce stress levels.

6. Write it down – write your worries down to transfer them from your mind onto paper. Then write down the positive things in life, which you can be grateful for and focus on them for a while.

7. Spend time with your pet – interacting with them can help to release Oxytocin, a chemical in the brain which is known to create positive mood.

8. Tense and relax your muscles - When our bodies are tense, it gives the signal to the mind to be anxious, so relaxing your body will help to relax your mind too. Tense your muscles and hold for 5 to 10 seconds and then release them.

9. Find a stone or perhaps an interesting twig - just something which you can really focus on for a couple of minutes, whilst noticing everything about it, such as its size, shape, patterns, colours etc. This will help to ground your emotions and bring your senses to the present moment.

10. Put some music on and listen to your favourite tunes to instantly lift your mood. Listening to nature sounds can also be very calming.

Marie Liddiard

Asense Therapy

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