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Sleep Management

There is still much about sleep which scientists do not fully understand, even though it is as essential to our being as eating and breathing.

We do know that sleep allows the body to heal and energy levels to be replenished. Without sufficient sleep our brains cannot function, which can lead to difficulties such as a lack of concentration, the ability to make decisions and good judgments, potentially putting our safety and that of others at risk.

Sleep empowers a healthy immune system, which is important to enable us to fight off illness or disease.

Sleep is also important for growth and provides the opportunity for muscles to repair themselves. In addition to this it gives time for the brain to consolidate memories and process the information, which it has taken in during the day.

Hypnotherapy can be excellent for helping with sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnoea, as well as improving sleep, by addressing stress overload, breaking an unhealthy sleep cycle, calming the mind and providing healthy coping strategies.

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