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Enhance sports performance

Sports Performance

Mental training for sports persons is gradually becoming more recognised and acceptable, as attitudes towards sports psychology are changing According to research, sports performance has as much to do with mental abilities as physical abilities.

Using hypnosis can not only help to manage pain and speed physical recovery but also helps to remove negative feelings, self-doubt or stress, boost motivation, eliminate distractions and increase focus and concentration, basically anything that may hinder great performance and prevent that you from having that competitive edge.


Many professional sports persons have used hypnosis to improve their performance, including Tiger Woods who had a prestigious golfing career. He used hypnosis from the age of 13 to calm his mind, free his mind from worry, pressure, distraction and focus on his game. Kevin McBride (boxer) is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight. The boxer used hypnosis to unlock his talent at just the right time other. Michael Jordan (basketball), Wayne Gretzky (hockey), Eric Heiden (Olympic speed skater) and  have also used hypnosis to help them to optimise their performance.

So whether you’re a keen amateur or an elite sportsperson,  don’t overthink it just give us call to find out more about how Asense Therapy can help you to perform at your very best.

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