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As well as: ​

  • Confidence building

  • Anger management

  • Pain management 

  • Unwanted habits

  • Public speaking confidence

  • Driving test nerves and preparation

  • Job interviews

  • Concentration improvement 

  • Exam stress

  • Infertility

  • Sleep

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Smoking Cessation

*It should be noted that hypnotherapy results differ from client to client. Whilst I will try my very best to help you in making the changes you desire, as a professional and ethical hypnotherapist I cannot guarantee results. 

I can help with:

Alcohol addiction.

Alcohol dependence can happen to anyone regardless of age or background. Whilst drinking alcohol in moderation isn’t considered an issue regularly drinking in excess of therecommended Units per week or drinking those units over a period of less than 3 days can be acause for concern in terms of its effect on those people around you and the impact on your ownphysical and mental wellbeing. People who are dependent on alcohol don’t always recognise this in themselves but generally if you are struggling to cope with the demands of everyday life without a drink, need to drink before animportant event, feel that you can’t enjoy yourself at all socially without alcohol or use alcohol as away to deal with difficult emotions you may have a problem. There are various support groups available and counselling services to help, including alcoholicsanonymous and your GP can also advise you. Many people find Hypnotherapy to be extremely successful in the treatment of alcohol addiction,either in conjunction with other treatments or as a way of decreasing alcohol consumption before itbecomes a serious problem. There may be underlying issues which occurred as a result of a traumatic event, past experience orother unrealised stressors, the effects of which remain deep in the subconscious fuelling anaddiction when life becomes difficult. Hypnotherapy aims to access the subconscious in order to release those negative thoughts andchange the way you think and respond to certain situations. All in a very relaxing and safe way.

Fears and phobias.

Fear is a survival instinct and a healthy and natural response to danger which we all have and which enables us to recognise and avoid or escape dangerous or threatening situations.

Sometimes this fear is so great that it can lead to severe anxiety and panic attacks for some people. This intense type of fear is known as a Phobia and whilst it is usually a result of an unrealistic or exaggerated fear about an object or situation. This not only causes significant distress but can have a seriously impact on our ability to do the things which we want or need to do in life, holding us back from success or preventing us from seeking potentially lifesaving treatments.

Many phobias are learned responses which exist in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy aims to access the subconscious and train it to unlearn the fear response and in ease the associated anxiety when exposed to the phobia. Call me now on 07969 416648 and together we can beat your fear!

Low self-esteem.

Sometimes the feelings and beliefs which we have about ourselves can be deeply ingrained and have a seriously negative impact on our personal and professional life, trapping us in our own comfort zones and preventing us from trying new experiences, meeting new people or seeking career enhancement.

Having low levels of self esteem over a long period of time can also lead to unhappiness, anxiety and depression.

Regardless of the cause – change is possible with the help of Hypnotherapy which accesses the subconscious mind where the negative thoughts and thinking patterns we hold can be uncovered and reframed into more positive ones. Call me on 07969 416648 and I would be happy to talk to you about this is more detail.

Sports performance.

Many top sports men and women use Hypnotherapy to help them to stay on top of their game and win!

This is because mentally rehearsing and visualising goals has been recognised in neuro science as being just as effective to improving sports performance as physically practising (as a further matter of interest the same applies to driving tests!)

Whilst some stress is good for maximising our performance, too much stress can lead to a lack of concentration, muscle tension and potential injury. Hypnotherapy allows the opportunity to mentally rehearse at a very relaxed subconscious level, helping you to control stress levels to the optimum level for peak performance


Whilst hypnotherapy is not a cure for fibromyalgia, there are several ways in which it can help to relieve the symptoms of the condition as well as teach ways of responding to pain differently. There is evidence to support the fact that hypnotherapy is effective for relieving the impacts of fibromyalgia. The journal of rheumatology published an account in 1991 which involved giving half of 40 volunteers hypnotherapy to relieve their symptoms of the condition and the other half physical therapy. Those who were given hypnotherapy had significantly better responses than those who had only undertaken physical therapy.

In fact, hypnotherapy is proving to be one of the best therapies to help to manage pain and many doctors are now recommending hypnosis as a viable treatment for conditions such as fibromyalgia.

As stressful or traumatic events appear to be a stimulus for fibromyalgia, the root cause can be dealt with using hypnosis in order to aid recovery. Co-existing symptoms such as anxiety and stress can also be helped with hypnosis, allowing a sufferer to be better equipped to take control and manage pain. Teaching self-hypnosis and breathing techniques can help develop coping strategies to manage pain, create positivity and reduce levels of depression. Rest is vital to healing and hypnosis can also be used to help to improve quality of sleep and relieve fatigue upon awakening.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with fibromyalgia then hypnotherapy and the benefits it brings is definitely worth exploring some more!

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Everyone suffers from feelings of anxiety and stress and many people experience panic attacks as a result. Whilst these feelings are a normal reaction to life's everyday pressures, for some people they can become overwhelming and begin to have a negative impact on their lives. I offer a full programme to help you to reduce and manage anxiety, stress or panic attacks, regardless of the cause.

Weight management.

I have a tried and tested programme incorporating effective techniques to improve the mindset, which in turn helps to change negative eating patterns, put a stop to cravings and promote a healthier lifestyle, enabling you to keep the weight off without the use of diets!

Gastric band hypnosis.

A completely non invasive technique incorporating hypnosis, NLP and CBT methods, which help a client to feel that they have undergone a gastric band procedure and have one fitted, without the need for actual surgery, side effects or recovery time that can come with this. If you are committed to changing your eating habits and losing weight forever then Gastric band therapy will help you to achieve your goals and bring additional positive benefits too!

Stop smoking.

If you are smoker considering giving up, then you don’t really need me to tell you how damaging this is for not only your health but for your bank balance too, as I guess you have already found that out! I know I certainly did and these are the things which drove me to give up several years ago.

For many people Hypnotherapy is a successful way to quit smoking for good.

If you are certain and ready to quit then my 2-session programme, which provides lots of helpful information and support can help you to do this.

It is important that the decision to stop smoking is entirely yours and not that of a friend or family member, as the more committed you are to treatment the greater your chance of complete success.

If you are ready then read on to discover details of the programme.

I use a combination of hypnosis, CBT and NLP, to achieve the best results. The sessions are supported with MP3 recordings for you to listen to at home and you can contact if you need additional support your final session.

Session 1 includes:

Extended session of up to 2 hours.

Full assessment

Advice and information to help you prepare to quit.

Relaxation by hypnosis

MP3 recording to listen to at home.

Session 2 (scheduled for 1 week later) includes:

Full individually tailored hypnotherapy session

Further MP3 recording

An information pack for you to utilise as a ‘non smoker’- with lots of hints, tips and useful techniques to help you to stay calm and look after your body.

Ongoing support via text.

The cost of the full programme is £235.00

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