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5 ways to boost your self-confidence.


Smile and make eye contact

When you smile and make direct eye contact with others it not only shows assertiveness but also generates a warmth which puts other people at ease, builds trust and allows positive connectivity between you both. The more positive interaction you have with others, the more your self-confidence will grow.

Compliment and accept compliments 

Complimenting others in a genuine and sincere way demonstrates that you feel positive enough about yourself to extend this positivity to them. Looking for positivity in other people also enables you to develop the kind of mindset that encourages you to seek out positives in your own life. Accepting compliments will show yourself that you are worthy of receiving them and the more you are able to allow yourself to do this the more your self-confidence will increase as a result.

Set yourself realistic goals and work towards achieving them

Setting goals will help you to develop a stronger sense of direction in life and working towards them allows you to fulfill a purpose. Finally achieving your goals boosts self-confidence and encourages you to achieve greater things, helping you to get the best out of life.

Do more of what makes you happy

Whatever it is you love to do be sure to create time for it. This will not only enrich the quality of your life, but it will help you to feel in control of it. Doing what makes you happy will increase your confidence in turn. 

Take care of yourself

It’s difficult to feel self-confident if you don’t look after your body and mind. Pay attention to what you eat, ensuring regular healthy meals. Exercise regularly to boost memory and focus, as well as to get fit, and ensure you get enough quality sleep. It is recommended that adults spend at least thirty minutes per day doing moderately intense aerobic exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. Similarly, a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night is also recommended. Be kind to yourself, don’t compare yourself to others or beat yourself up if you make a mistake and remember that nobody is perfect! 


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