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What you tell yourself!

Your internal dialogue or the things which you tell yourself, can have a big impact on how you think feel and behave, affecting your happiness and success in life.

Engaging in negative self-talk, by doubting your own abilities, being over critical of your mistakes or focusing on flaws and shortcomings can become an unhelpful habit. This then leads to the creation of self-limiting beliefs, and reinforcement of self-doubt, which can then prevent you from reaching your goals and achieving fulfilment in life.

Positive self-talk on the other hand can help you to develop a growth mindset, which will enable you to grow, improve, reach goals, and achieve your full potential.

With practice, we can change our internal dialogue and create a positive mindset, using intentional affirming self-talk. This also creates confidence, motivation and a boost to our general well-being.

Start by recognising your own self talk patterns and challenging any negative messages that you tell yourself. When you notice negative self-talk, which could be something like “I’m not good enough,” challenge this logically and look for evidence. Ask yourself “is this really true?” “What evidence is there to support this information?” You will find that many of your negative thoughts are based on misconception or assumptions. You can then reframe these negative thoughts, with something like “with practice, I am capable of learning and growing.”

Treat yourself with compassion, it's OK to make mistakes. Remember that what we tell ourselves has the power to shape our future reality. Cultivating positivity can unlock your full potential and help you to create your best life. #positivemindset #unlockpotential

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