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When was the last time you had a bubble bath?

Do you remember the security of bubble baths from childhood?

In a world where time is of the essence, they may have been confined to the memories of the past. Let’s be honest…when was the last time you had a bubble bath?

So…. take time out of your busy week for some much-deserved rest and recuperation, otherwise known as R and R, where you can pause, press reset and prepare for the week ahead.

A bubble bath creates a bubble (literally) in the frantic world around us. As a form of self-care, it turns our minds away from work and everyday stresses so that we can return to the busy world rejuvenated.

Most of us jump into the shower in the morning before charging headlong into our day. We barely even take the time for breakfast, let alone spend an hour sitting in the tub.

Showers may be convenient, quick, and easy, but you can’t relax standing up, and everybody deserves a little me-time now and then. A hot bubble bath will relax your muscles, refresh your skin, and can even help with any congestion you might have.

Foaming soapy bubbles are luxurious and ideal for pampering yourself after a hard day.

There is nothing quite like slipping into the warm water of a bubble bath for a nice relaxing soak after a long day at work or looking after the children. It enables you to unwind and reflect on the day and release tension allowing body and mind to recover, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

So how do you create a good bubble bath?

Just get the ingredients: water, bubble bath and time and mix together. Hey presto!

There are of course optional ingredients: wine, scented candles, a book, music. It just depends on how indulgent you want to be!

So, brush the dust off your rubber duck and Relax, rejuvenate and refresh….

This short blog was written to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day - 8 January 2022

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